Thankful for Intolerances

Ok so of course raining here in delightful North London, who would expect anything less it’s summer! Usually on a day like today when I’m not heading to a film set, a slight cloud of S.A.D comes over me. Not today! I spent most of yesterday with the supercalifrajilisticexpialidocious Miss Eluka. Not only is she beautiful and stylish on the outset but she is one of the most beautiful, interesting caring but incredibly straight talking people I have ever met.

Clare Eluka

So it is to her I am Thankful for being able to start this day in the positive, non-gloomy way a day like today would normally go. No time to waste in this life, it is about going out there and making everything happen. So instead of letting E4 dictate my day, i.e playing godfinger or fionas flowers whilst countless episodes of friends I have already seen a gazillion times over play out, till something a bit naff like Hollyoakes (nothing personal to anyone, its just not my cup of tea) comes on and my ability to justify it as accent training goes out the window.

Miss Eluka is an inspiration to us all, check her out currently as the Raw Beauty Expert.( ) I have known Clare for several years and it was not only our Love of acting that brought us close as friends but also our intolerances. It was kind of thanks to those that Clare started making Allergen free face creams and cleansers to ensure she knew precisely what she was putting in and on her body! The products were brilliant. Clare learnt a lot whilst building her first business (how to spot energy leeches and kick to the kerb positivity drainers) but also realised several ways in which to make it better. I really hope she decides to bring her unique and exquisite potions and lotions back into our reach! Her heart and soul were in her products and they felt amazing!

I will keep you posted!

Ok so today project Visa!


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