The Rise Of Planet Of The Apes!


Ok so, went to see ‘The rise of Planet of the Apes’ last night. Was not expecting to feel so sick and disgusted with us human beings. It was a brilliant movie. Great director and execution of choices. I am so excited about the follow up! We love the leader of the enemy, so how will that torment us in the next installment when they will no doubt be trying to destroy us and make us pay.

Obviously a couple of pit falls, and weaknesses, especially the continuity on the length of Franco’s side burns. Those aside the film really hit home about animal cruelty and our ability to ignore so much hurt and damage we cause. I left the cinema vegetarian and vowing not to use any products tested on animals. I have been in that place before but am grossed out by my own ability to forget and let slide my self righteous morals. However I am back on my Vegan high horse, make up free. Sorry Jumbo, no longer my usual, I’m back on the veggie wraps!

Definitely worth a watch!!! Did you cry as much as me?


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