Humans are funny!


Ok so its a weekend of wonders! Firstly whoever enabled England to have the glorious summer this weekend, Thank you! It was amazing and beautiful and cheered the whole country up! I couldn’t believe it, I had just bought an awesome thick Duffel coat and was planning its use when i started to sweat and had to change into a bikini!
Headed down to Exeter for the weekend and hit up the beach! Thanks to a friend bringing down his well behaved little people I had access to buckets and spades and did what every other party on the beach had done and started to dig a hole.
Why do we all have the need to dig a hole on the beach? Now if we descended from dogs I would start to see why, but I don’t remember anything about Apes having to dig holes, do they? Actually what is it about having to dig the biggest one? Where does that come from? dogs at least bury treasure we just like to bury it and stand there making sure no imbecile comes to sabotage it
Anyways after digging my hole making a few feeble sandcastles which smaller little human kept sitting on (ggggrrrrrrr) i stuffed myself with BBQ burgers, ate an ice cream and headed back all sun kissed and sandy.
Obviously even though stuffed i managed to hit up an all you can eat chinese. Big Big BIG mistake! We all over did it massively! Why do we never learn about All You Can Eat’s? I ruined myself in Vegas a few years back and vowed never again! I am pretty sure i was msg’d unto the eyeballs! I was cursing myself all evening and this morning till this afternoon, when myself Sean L and Miss Nic went for a gruelling 10 miler! It was awesome and I am thankful for my ODing in calorie central as I would have seriously struggled! Im not saying its the way to prep yourself for a good work out but it definitely made me feel not so horrendous after my naughty weekend!
Thankfully I had my trusty Maxitone Sculptress Shake and Bar to fuel and CLA my ass half way through the run!
Looking forward to the next week of some hardcore training for a photo shoot friday! EEEik!


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