Warrior or wet Tissues?


Ok so this is the third time of writing or at least trying to write something about last weeks orange Wednesday’s visit to the cinema. Managing to catch two flicks, Warrior which I’m here trying to write and actually publish. I don’t know whether it’s me and my goldfish brain or if it’s me and my uselessness with technology!

Anywho, went along, looking forward to catching the fabulous Mr Hardy on the big screen. Being a huge fan of his I knew I would enjoy the next couple of hours whether the film was half decent or not. I must admit I was blown away. I was not expecting to cry like a baby throughout 90% of it neither was I expecting such quality of acting. I mean I know Nick Nolte is always raved about and I had seen Joel Edgerton previously but I guess never in roles that got me so deeply. Joel is now firmly up in my list of actors to really watch and aspire to. Hardy was always up there after ‘The Take’ but Nolte i could take or leave ( dont punch me out Nolte fans) the scene where Nolte falls off the wagon sends him sky high. I always struggle to watch scenes where an actor or actress is high or drunk as so many of us get it hideously wrong ( I hate watching myself so not sure how I have faired at it). Nolte doesn’t, he nails it! And it is definitely worth watching!
Go watch it!


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