Six Degrees of Seperation


You know so and so? No way, I know so and so, well I knew her sister first, and her brother went out with my friend. Well anyways, I had one of those conversations the other night which always makes me smile. The thought of like meeting with like and finding that people I have in common and who all know each other are people I respect and enjoy spending time with. I remember getting booked for a job with a whole bunch of ‘bleeeeeeeeeps’ and worrying that I must be a bit of a ‘bleep’ myself if I had come to be working with them.
In a random twist of fate, one of the bleeps who wasn’t even really on the job managed to wangle it round so that I got pulled from the job the day before and her best friend replaced me. Funny that. Also the fact that she always worried about her ugly ex being anywhere near my group of friends when we were high school age. I personally had forgotten all that but clearly this charmer who was actually a good 8yrs my senior hadn’t. Anyways it made me feel a heck of a lot better that maybe I wasn’t a ‘bleep’ after all.
Anywho, long winded way round to explaining the stunner I’m pictured with, who is NOT a ‘bleep’ in the slightest. It is the wonderful Jenna Blease who I had the great fortune of working on an Ice Skating gig last Christmas. My conversation the other night of “I know you know”, got round to our joint friendship with Jenna and what an absolutely beautiful and talented chicca she is. (
I came across this pic and thought I would share.
So who do you know that I know?


One thought on “Six Degrees of Seperation

  1. Kate! I just found your website, and this lovely entry.
    You’re such a sweetie, I miss you heaps! I am currently in Sydney, Australia, rehearsing for the world tour of How To Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular, but I will be back in London for 4 weeks at the end of April whilst the tour is being shipped from New Zealand to America. I would LOVE to catch up with you if you’re free???
    I’m having a birthday party on May 5th, so stick it in your diary as I’d love to see you there…. maybe with our mutual friend!?!
    Lots of love xxx

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