Ok so I went to go and see ‘Drive’. Not really sure what to expect, what with the 80’s pink writing and the nasty satin jacket Ryan Gosling sports throughout. I was very pleasantly satisfied. Not only does the film grip a hold of you and not let you go even after all the credits role but it made me..well I’m not quite sure what it did. It confirmed my belief that the best actors have control of in silence and of stillness. It’s what is most mesmerising. The moments of silence that say so much. I am striving for the ability to not be nervous and to hold still when my nerves are wanting my face to do twitch gymnastics and shake my points across.
‘Drive’ also reaffirmed my liking of Ryan Gosling. A very talented actor. Being the weepy addict that I am, I admired him from ‘The Notebook’. Acting alongside one of my favourite young female actresses Rachel McAdams, I was knocked sideways.
Anyways, definitely worth a watch! ‘Drive’ that is, but of course if you ave time, whack on ‘The Notebook’ and have a good weep for me.


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