Oh no you didn’t!

One of my bestest pals is over from the states. I met her on the set of ‘My Bloody Valentine’, whilst visiting my other gal pal Jaime King. I absolutely love this chick, she makes me die laughing within 2mins of seeing her, every time!
We were like such school kids on set in Pittsburgh, hitting up the crafty truck at every opportunity for whatever new delights were on offer. So not only was Christina as strong as laughing gas we were so high on E numbers that we would uncontrollably giggle, trying to make no sound during takes. We were predominantly filming in a supermarket, god forbid anyone saw the CCTV cameras we were on the floor laughing so hard trying to keep silent.
So anyways I had an ab workout yesterday with dinner as she had me in stitches with a cute, ridiculous charade which led her to a possible ‘love of her life’ meeting.
I’ve now got two agendas, well more like focuses. One is getting the low down on the journey of love. Two is writing a short film inspired by my unsupposing comedic pal.
Am so excited to make it!


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