The Walk of Shame


Ok so yes, unusual but true. I am boasting about my recent walk of shame. It took place in Hammersmith slash West Kensington, ok so who are we kidding it was Hammersmith.
Ok so I was totally misleading, I was paid to take it, no not like that! I just filmed the latest advert for Harvey Nic’s. Myself and a team of lovely girls were all taking the Walk of Shame last week. Mine i admit was not so shameful. (picture above shows the brilliant make up and hair departments work)(and yes I was in there for hours)
Directed by the awesome James Rouse. Its a brilliantly humourous commercial for the festive season, For the Uk’s classiest department store, Harvey Nichols. They supplied me with a beautiful outfit for the shoot. Styled by the awesome Lucy and Lydia. Aided by the calming little beauty Emily. Make up by Red. And the great team at Harvey Nic’s, standing out in the cold all for the love!
I loved it so Thank you everyone! Looking forward to seeing it!


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