#BAM took us to Spain!!

Ok so i just wanted to say a Huge Thank you to Danielle Holbrook and Dave Gordon for getting such a brill team together and getting us all out to Spain! Initially I was a little miffed to miss the snow but after the 5hr wait on the Tarmac was desperate to get out of the UK! Thanks to the Now named Squeezy jet we had the life sucked out of us on what was supposed to be our rest day! One of those moments you resent as you will never get those 5hrs back. I must admit I’m only counting 3 of them as a write off as Thank God and technology geeks for dongals and Love Film and IPads.
Anyways we made it to Spain! Where it was sunny and warm and beautiful! Kinda stopped missing the snow as soon as the sun showed its face!
Just a quick half hr car ride and we were at our destination!
Rooms claimed, bags unloaded, showers had and we were all slightly more human, and ready for dinner!
Unfortunately I couldn’t sleep the first night, I think Squeezy had left me so irritated and frustrated I hadn’t completely unwound.
I’m so lucky to have been working with such funny, friendly caring people. Sean Lerwill kept us all in stitches with his stories and jokes, John was always eager to jump off or somersault off something and Danielle is just a genuinely beautiful person inside and out. Dave the owner of BAM had a great energy and kept us focused, while Hayden snapped away even while we acted like idiots.



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