Sleeping Beauty, definitely not a fairy tale!! Very Grim

Ok so, ‘Hard Candy’ didnt knock me, ‘Saw’ kinda shook me up but nothing has fucked with my head quite so much as the 2011 film, ‘Sleeping Beauty’. I must admit I’m still not totally sure of what my opinion is of the film. It was horrid, and sick, visually uncomfortable and I guess deep down I know completely true to life, closer than we believe. The film was very well executed. I take my hat off to Emily Browning. A challenging role, but she took it in her stride. After reading the script I would probably have struggled at her age, to have even wanted to tell my family what I was going to audition for. It was a great challenging role, and I guess nothing will ever seem as hard for her to approach again. Bitch certainly did that for me! Kind of, seriously recommend, but not, if that makes any sense!


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