Coffee addicts anonymous

Anyone who has a coffee chain, coffee, hot drink, cosy cafe or friends addiction will fall in love with Coffee #1 . Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be out of London in the South West, and stumbled across this lovely quirky, cosy, ‘Friend’s’ like cafe. Me and Wills ended up sitting in there for a good couple of hours working. I must admit my usual addiction to flavoured coffees with the extras fell to the wayside when I saw hot apple cinnamon on the menu! The lovely lady behind the counter suggested having it with cream as it ‘tastes like apple pie’. Due to not coping too well with dairy and trying to keep to the clean eating plan, I asked for it on the side. Deciding that it was just gonna have to be a second cheat day in a row I tried it, and she hadn’t been lying! It was beautiful!!!
This place reminds me of one mod my fave LA haunts, Urth Cafe. And weirdly enough they had the bag pictured below for sale! Weird!
Maybe someone loved Urth as much as me and wanted to bring it to the UK. Anyways I’m happy, just can’t wait for it to come to London!!!



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