More love to share…Yumchaa!

Ok so I’m sat in cafe…that is not Starbucks! I know it’s almost blasphemy! I can actually see one Starbucks sign winking at me and know one of my fave ones is about 5 metres behind me. So I’m sat between two drinking A wondrous herbal tea. Now I nw that alo sounds like a lie as most herbal teas I have previously experienced are lame, twangy and a bit soury. I am sipping on a caramel sweetheart in the loveliest little quaint hang out in Londons Soho, Yumchaa.
It’s busy and has been for the past hr I’ve been using it to waste some time I till I go to my next casting. Literally two castings round the corner from each other and an hr and a half between slots.
I must admit that never seems like a gripe when I can waste a bit of time in London. I do live my home city. Despite wanting to be in the States I still appreciate and love London.
I suppose I love Yumchaa as it reminds me of New York and my fave hang out Urth cafe in LA without losing its Londonness.
Anyways back to Yumchaa, on entering there is like a gazillion little pots on the counter for you. To dip your nose into to have a sniff and make a decision on what drink to order. Last ome I was here I went for the refreshing but sweet mango sunrise, this time on this typically rainy London day I felt I needed a slight bit more of a hug and have a Caramel Sweetheart.
Unbelievably it has the depth and ooze sensation of caramel with no sugar but the feeling like you are having a sugary treat. I don’t know how they do it, and in truth I don’t wan to ruin the experience and try to make it at home.
Anyways, if you have some time to kill in London town do head down to Yumchaa, it’s on the corner of Berwick and Noel street in soho, w1.


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