Loving Women’s Fitness


Ok so it has been forever since I have been on here! So I have loads of posts I need to catch up on. Let’s start with being booked again for women’s fitness. Loved it! The team are great and I found we worked really well together the time just flies by. The outfits were awesome and made me want to run out to Nike town and sweaty Betty for neon anything and everything!
This time the shoot was for one of their fitness manuals and not the magazine. I must admit I was glad this time we weren’t using the aqua bag!
Loved the exercises, the Turkish get up, good mornings and especially a new one from Mr Lerwill I swear his knowledge is endless! I learn something new every day! Something I think Sean Lerwill learnt today is that suggesting rollouts as a forfeit in our circuit is not a good idea! Whose got ripped abs now huh?
Anyways just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to @WomensFitnessuk I had another great shoot, awesome outfits and a great time had!



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