Chocolate all over again!

It has been brill! A chance to pull my old favourites out of the loft and get back on the ice!
Not only am I still able to actually pull off a lot of the moves I used to be able to but thanks to Working with a great team and have learnt some new ones!
I also want to say a huge thank you to the choreographers assistants assistant, basically the ice skating choreographer who actually choreographed the ice sections and who was an absolute dream to work for. Mark, who previously worked with most of the girls for ‘Holiday on Ice’ shows. It is a joy and quite an amazement to work with someone who hasn’t got above them selves and is still able to remember what it is like to be ‘only a dancer/skater’ even though ultimately with the dancers or skaters doing a fantastic job most productions would fall apart. So even though I’ve said it a thousand times, thank you Mark for being delightful and a reminder to never forget where u came from.


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