Life is Hard

Life is HardPositive huh! Not my outlook! The start of the year is always a very…tense time of year. Well for me anyway, a sense of expectation, of aspiration and hope and of realisation, often leading to Depression. I hold my hands up and say it hits me with a crash, bang, wallop! every single year! I can start off flying but before January is out it has crept up and smacked me right between the eyes. This year I am determined not to put off anything til later and am from now on confronting whatever comes my way head on! Maybe I should address my love of exclamation marks.

That aside I just want to say, its ok. I’m pressuming most people out there feel exactly the same, they are just better at covering it up. My kick in the face has come from a depressing spate of Adult acne, taxes and insurances all in one go, funked knee, which means i cant run and generally a bit unsure of my path. All in all I felt overcome, but once the self pity and fear subsided i thought well it seems fair i guess as i never suffered from spots it as a kid, and as I remember from a friend at school, children are relentless and im sure a worse place to have to deal with it. Ive got projects booked in, but luckily have a two week window to flush out the toxins and negative thoughts, pay and organise my finances and get ready to breeze through the freezing february. Really once its done its done!

Whatever your bad press, it will pass, and believe me I’m feeling it with you


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