Galway Film fleadh


Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Galway film Fleadh (which I still feel weird saying, and feel like I’m saying it wrong) was awesome! Gutted I couldn’t stay any longer than the screening of The Callback Queen and a quick bite in Eddie Rockets but even though it was brief it was definitely worth it!
As always I had my trusty Polaroid camera to snap the scene! Admittedly I took more pics of the burger as it was disgustingly layered (ahh-may-zing).
The vibe was positive the people were fabulous, so all round it was a great night out!
Sean Lerwill’s cameo got a hearty laugh from the audience and my violent streak was definitely visible, poor Sean! (Which one?)
It was great catching up with the incredibly talented Sean o’Meallaigh who not only was a lead in the film chosen to open the fleadh but also one he wrote and directed himself! Also the lead Amy Joyce Hastings, who produced and starred in The Callback Queen also had her film nocturne passage screened the day after! I’m so lucky to have worked with such an amazingly talented bunch of lovely people!



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