I have been really fortunate the the last couple of months to have had the experience of seeing my industry from a whole new perspective. Giving me an understanding and insight that is invaluable. It hasn’t been an easy learning experience and I have felt like sometimes the world has just hurled turds at me from every angle. On the flip side it has forced me to be able to take those turds and use them to my advantage. Sounds gross but makes some kinda sense to me. It has also given me the big thumbs up as I’ve discovered that in a crisis, semi crisi, demi crisis, complete fall out, I am able to cope and behave like a decent human being, not taking my crazy hormonal irrationalness out on those around me.

Who are you in a crisis? Do you blame the rest of the world or do you turn it on yourself? I’m starting to know which I do. Is that what they say about knowing yourself?

I have always been the type of person who is able to make every problem my own fault and then berate myself for not being better, stronger, smarter etc. Through having had been served turd city for breakfast, lunch and dinner and knowing that alot of it is out of my control and wasn’t my fault in the slightest I have learned to look unjudgmentally at situations, dish up empathy for those opposing me so i can possibly try to understand the (complete crazy) angle they are coming from, self assess whether I am coming from an emotional or Logical place and make an informed decision I can live with. I’m not going to be patronizing and say it comes with age but i guess it does come with the amount of lemons that you have been handed. I think for years i was handed lemons and just put them in the cupboard to deal with at a later date. Now having filled the larder, pantry, shed, under the bed etc and have a house full of people delving into rooms looking for stuff I have had to take the lemons, peel them, squeeze them, take the rind off for cakes and open a f’ing lemonaquarium.

I’ve discovered it is better to just face them head on. Its not always your fault, yes you may have had a hand in the outcome but if you made a choice with your given set of circumstances and you can sleep at night then ignore the crazy wankers bashing at your door who know they are liars and they may still be making your life difficult but that is probably because ‘they’, the ever proverbial ‘they’, can’t sleep at night. They know deep down they were in the wrong, they lied and they never once even attempted to look at the situation and try to see it from the other side. Let the wolf keep bashing at their door.


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