One to Watch-9/10

If you are looking for a new series to watch I have several beauties that have kept my eyes and mind feasted throughout their seasons without the excessive need for titilation. Unfortunately the latest of the the three has just succumbed to the weakness of showing nips to gain a following. Personally I thought it stronger before and had built up quite a buzz without the ‘Game of Thrones’ tv ruiner of excessive nudity.

I suppose whilst on the topic I might as well share my first suggestion. ‘Orange is the new Black’. A predominantly female cast with a lot of strong female characters and actresses having a brilliant platform to shine on. Set in an American Female Prison, we initially follow the story of Piper. The least likely statistic to be put in Jail. And there starts the conflict. Middle class, white, blonde, woman, engaged to a semi successful jewish man, from a ‘good’ family takes herself off to prison, because in her safe little world it feels like the right thing to do. I don’t want to reveal too much but as we enter the prison we are introduced to a lot of interesting characters. As each episode progresses we learn more about the inmates but only so much that you find yourself desperate for the next episode to dish out some more. Brilliant witty writing and good direction and editing makes this series a 9/10 for me. the introduction of more boob and sex in season 2 has meant it defiitely does not increase in score.

Just realised I had forgotten about an ADR session I had booked in (scatterbrain! i should get a PA) will share series 2 tomorrow.

Orange is the new black is a NETFLIX exclusive!

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