I am #thatgirl apparently


I still can’t quite believe it! The lovely power duo Charli Cohen and Christina Howells picked me to be THAT GIRL. I feel so honored. From being someone who was not very confident or sure of herself and always trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be I have been picked to be the girl that people aspire to be like. Ultimately it is a modelling job but I apparently fit the bill! From never liking my body or being satisfied but also having a sweet tooth who has weak self control when it comes to milk bottles or Swiss roll I have never exactly helped myself at times. However, I have been working this last year to decrease some of the muscle I had built up with a GVT(German Volume Training) experiment (following Sean Lerwills Cyclone Challenge Program) minus the actual taking of cyclone as otherwise I would have grown even bigger! It has been a slow process and at several points lapses into pretzel lows and sugary coffees delayed the process, and I’m still not completely in the body I dream of but I am happier a higher percentage of the time when I look in the mirror, so positive! And now to have other people appreciate the effort and energies I make to keep myself in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. Well it’s very much appreciated the acknowledgment. Sorry long winded! Always is when I’m trying not come across as an arrogant full Of myself banker.(remember I dont like to swear)


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