To Digital Perm or not to…

Whatta to do, whatta ta do! I am Miss Scaredy cat, Miss Cautious, Miss not very good with change but trying to be. I have also hit a mile stone of responsibility, which if you follow my blog you will have seen I got a Buddy. A Chorkie to be precise. It was either that or a tattoo or a perm. I am still thinking about a tattoo but I cannot decide where or what. Picking a dog was easier, my heart chose for me. A tattoo unfortunately is a conscious decision. Well maybe not for the inebriated but it is for me.

Now what should be even simpler as its not permanent, its not life threatening, its not even really a big deal but deciding whether to get a perm or not seems like a big deal to me. Is that because I don’t have enough in my life to worry about I hear you murmur. Its a ridiculous first word problem and quit your nattering I hear from the other corner but still in my head this is a big deal.

Why do we (or is it just me?) make a mountain out of the mole hill that is a superficial decision. Is is that the superficial is the one thing that gets you through the day? Is it my only Armour against the rest of the world. Do I doubt my own knowledge and intelligence to get me through a battle that may commence getting through a tube journey? Or holding my place in a queue?

I’m not sure. I do think my time working in pubs, whilst blonde, enhanced my ability and habit of being able to hide any smartness behind the bleach. Its not a folk tale but people really do allow you to make more mistakes and be a bit dozey when your of the fairer haired variety. Natural or not. Its as if they don’t expect as much. I also definitely got a lot more freebies when I was blonde. I sometimes think that, I even started to believe I was dithery and a bit stupid. So when I went brunette and didn’t even get the wolf whistles of Builders, and got barged when getting out of the tube doors, I really did have to start refilling my tanks of gumption. Start engaging the brain, being quicker with delivering my wit and being more savvy when it came to buying things. Ultimately I was saving on paying someone to destroy my hair monthly, but was that what was destroying my life. I didn’t land as many commercials. every time I was down to the last two and didnt get it, I would see the final product and there smiling driving the VW, or holding the Yogurt pot was a bright blonde with a smug smile.

So maybe I am not just so incredibly vain when it comes to a ‘simple’ superficial decision of changing my hair, when it so fundamentally changed last time I did something so drastic.

Lets see.