Kate Braithwaite here! Ok so as most of you know, I am an Actress, model and if the legs are having a good day, Dancer! I love working on screen. Making movies has always been my dreams and I love every minute of being on set. Hmmmm actually strike that, maybe not every minute. For anyone who has seen Little Deaths, the gravy scene maybe not so much!

defiance kate braithwaite
defending Erathian ass!

I have been very fortunate to have travelled the world on Dance jobs. Cheerleading in Dubai for the rugby 7’s, working for Loreal in Croatia and living in Mumbai for the Bollywood scene have been some of my favourites!

I will try my best to keep this up to date with what I am upto, where I am and what projects are on the horizon! I have tried to make the site easy to navigate and search through, but choosing dance college and not IT will be the reason for any annoyances! If anything does irritate your visit do let me know!

Thank you for popping by!