Sex, lattes & hideous dates

I have felt like a hermit for the last year. Not really able to take work through my agent and spending pretty much everyday for a large percent of it sat in doors in a darkened room editing the first season of this beast!

It is our first solo TV project for our production company and I am so pleased with what we have produced. It was a lot of hard work, with little to no budget. Even less than David and Olivia? I feel we brought together a great crew who really pulled out blind to make something beautiful and funny.

I am also especially thankful to Lucinda Davidson for agreeing to take on the part of Eddie. She kept me sane and smiling in the edit room!

I will be posting more about the making of it and some of the difficulties soon. It will be available on Amazon in the next week!!!


The Purple Plain

BFI London Film Festival ,official selection.

So excited to finally share this! A fabulous film I worked on earlier this year. A beautiful tribute to the Mercury 13. Don’t know what I’m talking about?? Watch the film!!!! Tickets still available for the BFI London Film Festival Selection here

Let me know what you think about it!

Hamburger Baby

Last month I was super lucky to have been flown to Hamburg for a commercial shoot. I was also blessed to have got the job along with two very lovely actress’s, Holly Weston(known for playing Ash Kane in Hollyoaks) and Frances McNamee a wonderfully experienced stage actress who is making a bold and successful move to screen.

Coming from an Ice Skating and Dance background where there is a lot of bitchy backstabbing I am always a little nervous and wary of meeting new girls. clinical pedicureOne on one is usually fine but as soon as there is more than a duo reliant on one another to not be a bitch then it can not be the most fun…but in this case it was awesome. Unfortunately I was booked to go first to shoot so I was dragged off for clinical pedicures and fittings etc so I wasn’t able to hit up the Reeperbahn(Hamburg is famous for its unique legal Red Light District)but as soon as I was about the girls welcomed me back and we managed to pick possibly the worst Italian restaurant in the world! Like seriously, who can make Mozzarella and Tomato slices wrong?

Anyways I just wanted to shout out about these two fabulous Chicks for making my first experiences of Hamburg awesome and renewing my faith in nice non bitchy chicks!