Ahhhh New York I Miss You

new-york-model-fit-Early Morning runs ending at my local Starbucks, Jamba or Whole Paycheck. Sun always seemed that little bit brighter, little bit warmer and a little bit glossier. We will meet again soon Big Apple!


Phew What A Week!

defiance-tv-actress-kate-braithwaite-model-fitChristmas is rapidly upon us and volleying acting, training and keeping London Chicks all in the air I am caught between wanting a break and wanting to keep it all on the go. I am loving working with such a lovely bunch of contributors and of course my wonderful business partner Ms Bryson.

It is amongst all this mayhem that I am so incredibly Thankful to everyone who is working so passionately for Those London Chicks who has ever helped me along my journey of life. I hope that I have aided you as much as you have helped and supported me. I love the fact that our website is about working together and not stabbing each other in the back. There is enough of that. So lets all carry on. Do a good deed everyday. Selfishly it makes you feel good! Help someone who is struggling. You may be too but if they have broken their barrier and actually asked for help, help them. It takes a lot to ask, so be complimented they chose you.

I guess where I’m going with this little whittering is be thankful. Count your blessings. Be them people, a shower, a pair of trainers or your health. Give and you shall receive.

Peace xxx

Lord of the Manor

Some people just walk into a room, house, life, and make it their own. I used to do that. I don’t know why that ever stopped. I guess the human condition of shame and embarrassment infected me. I’ve decided to learn from the budster. To take everyday and situation as it comes. And to feel entitled to sprawl across the sofas of the world as if they were made for me to lord it up on.
Oooow exciting times ahead!