Hamburger Baby

Last month I was super lucky to have been flown to Hamburg for a commercial shoot. I was also blessed to have got the job along with two very lovely actress’s, Holly Weston(known for playing Ash Kane in Hollyoaks) and Frances McNamee a wonderfully experienced stage actress who is making a bold and successful move to screen.

Coming from an Ice Skating and Dance background where there is a lot of bitchy backstabbing I am always a little nervous and wary of meeting new girls. clinical pedicureOne on one is usually fine but as soon as there is more than a duo reliant on one another to not be a bitch then it can not be the most fun…but in this case it was awesome. Unfortunately I was booked to go first to shoot so I was dragged off for clinical pedicures and fittings etc so I wasn’t able to hit up the Reeperbahn(Hamburg is famous for its unique legal Red Light District)but as soon as I was about the girls welcomed me back and we managed to pick possibly the worst Italian restaurant in the world! Like seriously, who can make Mozzarella and Tomato slices wrong?

Anyways I just wanted to shout out about these two fabulous Chicks for making my first experiences of Hamburg awesome and renewing my faith in nice non bitchy chicks!


Lord of the Manor

Some people just walk into a room, house, life, and make it their own. I used to do that. I don’t know why that ever stopped. I guess the human condition of shame and embarrassment infected me. I’ve decided to learn from the budster. To take everyday and situation as it comes. And to feel entitled to sprawl across the sofas of the world as if they were made for me to lord it up on.
Oooow exciting times ahead!

Doing it fully-Halloween


I’m starting think about Halloween. One of my favourite americanisms out there. Getting fully dressed up as someone else, despite being my day job still excites the hell out of me. Last year despite having other commitments we still got ourselves made up, in 15mins and disappeared out onto the streets of london, along with not enough others!
Last years costume was awesome as it was only thought up in the 15mins we had to get ready and go. A

20140927-100138-36098411.jpgran revamped an old one and I made do with my own wardrobe a a face paint previously used for an ex-boyfriends hulk attempt. Actually i shouldn’t say attempt, he went as the incredibly puny hulk and it was a complete success.
So whatta to do this year? I am not going at the spider woman above. I mean who could? Not someone who jumps on the tube ever! And definitely not someone living in London! It’s freezing!
So back to the drawing board for now. In my head I’m feeling She-ra but I think a major hair change would be needed to do it fully. As it’s all about doing it fully, whether you have 15mins or 3weeks, always do it fully, not slutty, that’s the lazy way!

Red or Dead?



Decisions, decisions! How ridiculous but true. The choice to lipstick or not lipstick can be the make or break for whether you are the right candidate for the job. A lot of ‘creatives’ believe it or not can’t see past the vision they have in their head. They can’t see that if your wearing red lip stick and they imagined their heroine in nude pink that you could simply take a single sheet of loo roll and wipe it off! Today I felt the need for some colouring in and despite the brief went “duck it, I’m going to face the world how I see fit today”!
Let’s see how it goes!

Hmmmm life

I don’t know how, but sometimes life does just take one big shift. Everything isn’t suddenly miraculously perfect but…something happens and suddenly the world is a much brighter place to love than yesterday. I am starting to come to the conclusion that making changes(and I’m not meaning crunchy instead of smooth PB) does increase the positive energy, the good luck, the…I don’t know…just good shiz to start flowing in your direction.I feel like it is the universe rewarding you for taking that step forward, for being brave to make a commitment, take on responsibility. That may sound childish and stupid but I have decided to no longer be afraid to take risks and not move forward. I am taking life by the…by something and riding it till the cows come home!buddydaywm


It’s either that or literally my dog is a good luck charm.

I’m a Groupie!

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As per usual I have joined Sean Lerwill on one of his shoots for Men’s Health and Maximuscle. I have succumbed to the fact that I am a Sean Lerwill groupie. He is pretty awesome though so I’m not ashamed!

I started looking through his pics to¬† choose a couple for the post and realised i had been present at all of the gigs above. I am so proud of all that he has achieved. He works hard, the hardest worker I have ever met. He is kind, considerate, loyal, honest and incredibly fair. Definitely a worthy role model if ever one was choosing to follow around another. I have learnt the commando ethos from Sean behaviour as it is ever present. The only one I may help Sean with at time to time is The Cheerfulness in the Face of adversity, he can be a wingey bugger, when he hasn’t eaten.


Back to School- my dirty little habit

5330594996_fd29f8efa6_zI seriously advise taking up a new skill. I have just been home teaching, self teaching, you tube learning whatever you want to call it, that. I have been doing that over the last few months. Editing programs have been my dirty little habit. It is so satisfying learning a new skill and now being able to do something you would have paid someone else to do. The self satisfaction of the long standing DIY.

Especially in a career like mine where, there can be times at which you have no validation or understanding if you are really progressing. Or feel completely, that your life is, at the mercy of higher powers, it is rare that you actually relish in that sense of accomplishment or feel like you have achieved something. I spent so long letting others have control of my career and options and you know what the only time I felt as if I was successful was when they offered me the bread crumb. I felt like a monkey at the bottom of the tree, looking up at assholes just waiting for scraps. Not averting my eyes incase I missed an opportunity. Every so often one of the cool kids monkeys would reach down to offer me a momentary seat on one of the upper branches, only to be pushed back off when another cool monkey came along.

No more. not only is doing it for yourself self satisfying, it is empowering to finally make your accomplishments and achievements your own, Really enabling one to know what you are congratulating yourself for. Whether its designing my new logo, making a watermark (if you look through my blog pics you will see mine taking its shape, not always great but has been fun to make) for my pictures, editing footage, or even learning to make an elastic band ball, learn something new! I promise it will give you a sense of achievement that I feel we tend to lose after school.

You may think its rubbish but it’s helped me.

The Other Dream Team

Now obviously buddy and a bucks are at no.1 but I must admit the THATGIRL team were one of the best I have worked with! Christina and Charli brought together an incredibly talented bunch of individuals. Obviously my co-star Sean Lerwill is incredibly professional and hard working so a joy to work with. The photographer/videographer team of Fashion blogger Nicole Markoff and David Sheldrick were brilliant. Powering through all day and coming up with incredible angles to shoot from amazing the visuals better than I could have ever imagined. Also one of the best skills and attributes I find most important in a photographer, videographer, DoP or cinematographer is putting you at ease. It just bodes well for a smoother, quicker and much more productive shoot, bringing out the best of everyone involved. These guys have that nailed! I would definitely be blessed to work with them again!
The make up artist was a beautiful woman called Emily Grove who was beautiful inside and out. Also very good at her craft. She made me feel glamorous all weekend! The Hair stylist and assistant to Josh Woods made the most of my dead straight lustre lacking locks and Katie Grands assistant Lucy brought along a wardrobe load of beautifully cut garments. I literally felt like I had woken up in a dream! My apartment(for the shoot) was over looking london bridge station and high enough to see over london, with an incredibly stylish roof top terrace. Stunning! Food supplied by the masters at Detox Kitchen and the most tantalising tastebud awakening juices from Imbibery London. (go for the Cashew Mylk, its…wow…just wow)I was also lucky enough to take Buddy along with me, who of course stole the show and got used in a few shots!

Thanks to the intense work out devised by Charli and Christina I was quite a sweaty mess throughout and felt the effects of the exercises. I must admit to being thankful for the fashion shots which gave me a breather between exercises! Even now my muscles are saying hello!

Anyway I am just so incredibly Thankful and blessed to have been part of such a great team. They also were so positive and complimentary to me that they asked me to dance which we ended up using in the video. It was really lovely to be able to use my Dance skills again. It reminded me of the Laura Marling shoot. Another beautiful job.

Thank you, to the team and all my support team who have kept me going through out the tough times to be able to still be in the industry and come across jobs like this one!

The awesome Charli Cohen
The awesome Charli Cohen