The Dream Team

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Break the mould


A big thank you to the covent garden Starbucks team of barista’s for being able to think outside the box, see the grey area, read between the lines, break the rules but not the law, and clearly be a bit more of a happy creative bunch than my local Starbucks posse.
I am excited to take this to my local and see what they make of it! What excuses and looks of aggression I will receive!
You never know I might even score a biscotti frappuccino or inspire some individual to stop being so monochrome and see the light in the dark.
I used to work in service industry jobs. Where didn’t I work is the easier question. And yes I am surprised I managed to not come out without a prison sentence of murder or at least ABH. I think that’s where my hatred of people set in. But that i have decided, is for another post.
Anyways enjoy! Break the mould of your book abiding barista and get them to make what’s not on the menu!

To be or not to be an arsehole(asshole for Americans)???


What is it that makes me feel like an arsehole for an action but someone else doesn’t?
Let me set the minuscule scene for you. I admit it is tiny and to most will seem like nothing but to this very Girl all these little things add up and one day there will be a boiling point. I headed to my local Mecca, emblazoned with the green mermaid.
You must know firstly though that some selfish yummy mummy decided a while ago that this particular haven of mine was to be annihilated as a peaceful place to work and instead was to become a children’s playground. As you can tell I’ve still not come to terms with this. That aside, I decided to pop in on this delightful Sunday morning after enjoying a stroll in the random blessing of sunshine and treat myself to my new guilty pleasure, a Dirty chai. Just the name gets my taste buds tingling.
I walk to the end of the queue, as one does. I wait there for maybe two mins, there is quite a long queue as clearly most of north London has decided to do the same, dogs are lined up outside tied to whatever constitutes as a public pole.
Then maybe another minute goes past and the she devil enters. Jumps right in front of me in the queue. Obviously I should be counting myself lucky ‘it’ had the kindness to offer an explanation, I think ‘it’ said, “I need to get something” so I thought she was simply wanting to get a sandwich, but no she just stood there, taking up my place. So then I thought she must have said ‘I went to get something’ either ducking way, she hadn’t ok’d it with me, and I’m sorry but when did it become ok that you can leave a queue and still have your space. I know this is again me boiling it down to the loss of the Englishness in London and the fact nobody seems to understand the etiquette and common decency of queuing or having respect for your fellow human being but yup I’m there again. Some selfish ducker has brought me right back here and before midday on a ruddy Sunday no less!
I don’t mind someone thinking they have a right to a space in a queue if they have ok’d it with all present but you have to have been in said queue long enough to actually have a person behind you to actually have classed your place as a place.
Now I know this is ‘first world problems’ but i feel this is the starting point at which we need to nip it in the bud.
Treat as you wish to be treated mutha ducker!
If it would piss you off, then more than likely it would piss me off. And to be honest even if it wouldn’t piss you off it would more than likely piss me off as I will have had to come into contact with more arrogant selfish pricks than you have, so just don’t do it.

So anyways, it left me fuming, I was so angry I had to leave the queue. I went and sat down for a minute. Then another minute. Then went and joined the queue again, walked right in. Not one person out of the four I pushed in front of said a word. I annoyingly was behind the bitch as she was already at the gates of heaven, being served by the slightly bitchy little barista who always tries to overcharge me. ( don’t worry I’m on to her and I’m prepared, with own cup= 25p off gold Starbucks card= free extra shots, free syrups, free exotic flavour of the month bean
Yeah you know it!). So now I’m the bitch, stood in the queue, without an excuse just waiting for someone to question me so I can explain that ‘it’ was saving my place so I could then explain to ‘it’ where she went wrong in life. Nobody gave me that chance. Or was I just a ‘miaow miaow’
Either way, I’m left feeling like an arsehole and my Dirty chai just feels dirty and not so sweet as promised and ‘it’/bitchface/she-devil is sat drinking her skinny(like its going to do any difference) latte whilst her child runs around the playground of legs and chairs. Well let’s hope someone has a hot tea that scolds said child and maybe she might start thinking outside the box.
Or maybe I would just feel bad again and ‘it’ would just be that one step ahead of me again.

Hello Big Apple!


Unbelievably I went to New York for the first time in my life last month! I cant believe I hadn’t visited the awesome Big Apple and taken a bite till just now! Even though it was a pretty whizz bang wallop trip, two photoshoots for Sean Lerwill’s Running Manual managed to be squeezed in! Despite having done a 3 day shoot in London we also managed to work with two amazing up and coming Photographers, Jon Josephs ( and Kevin B Winebold( We snapped away all round the city, Central Park, Chelsea Harbour, Grand central, utilising every awesome backdrop we could find. I would like to say Thank you to Sean for keeping me Chipper and making the trip amazing, and to both of the Photographers who both went way above and beyond what we could have expected!

P.S-Thank you Maximuscle for keeping us fueled throughout. I must also say Thank you Starbucks God for putting a Starbucks on every corner I wouldn’t have lasted the days without them!

Here’s a sneak peek of some pics! Shhhhh dont tell Sean…

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Killing time!


Ok so, it’s another rainy day in ol’ London town. So I’m sitting in my Mecca (bucks) pondering life. Moving forward in acting and trying to take the bull by the horns and control (somewhat attempt to) the direction and whose directing it!
I’ve had enough of playing the best friend (if you have watched ‘The Holiday’ you will get that) I’m gonna start using some gumption, or at least try buy some from somewhere and stand firm in my choices, wish me luck!