Hard day at the Office



Urm Mr Branson could i…?

What to say when you have nothing to say. Strike that, reverse. When you have everything to say. And for once…all pretty positive. As I think (and by ‘think’ i mean I am not in the frame of mind to go back and check myself or i will reck myself)I mentioned previously that Buddy, the wonder dog, often mistaken for a guinea pig, loved by all that meet him, small enough to have to have a hamster needle for his injections, the love of my life, job upstaging puppy is our good luck charm.  Is it because now, nothing offends or bothers me as his love and wagging tail keeps a smile on my face? Or is it that I/we just haven’t had shit delivered to our doorstep since his arrival. Luck, fate, coincidence (that joincidence with a J) who knows. Which ever it is I’m thankful for the fun, love and laughter that has been filling my head and ear space since his unexpected/unplanned entrance.

Buddy boy joined me on my job this weekend and ended up stealing the limelight! Not that it was unexpected, he does do so wherever he goes. I have had 5 strangers come up and randomly ask me if they could take his picture. Another tell me I should charge for the pictures, 25 people ask to stroke him and over 100 people pull an arrhh face when they walk past. I am not going to lie, apart from the delay to my timetable, i love it. I love the fact I picked an awesome dog. The biggest bonus is the fact that I have dog sitters in place for the next 10 years! The sad fact is that I think I will have more of a problem leaving Buddy than I thought. I never thought I would turn down the carribean but its looking like a possibility. That is unless Richard Branson will let me take the Budster on board.

Ah anyways, get a Dog. It makes life awesome. Remember a puppy is hard work but if you put the time in it is sooooooooo worth it!


Big responsibility

I have wanted a dog for years. And seriously been wanting one for 13 years. On the 15th of July after years of deliberation and upset I finally got him. His name is Buddy. He is a Chorkie. We picked him up the day before we turned 8 weeks old.

He has literally turned our lives upside down. From being people who visited the gym together 5-6times a week. I have been once since we picked him up. I have not slept properly through and am obsessed with his toilet behavior! I had never planned on having kids, I guess because I was not where I had hoped I would be in my career and so didn’t see the possibility to have both. I knew having a dog, a puppy especially was going to be hard work but I must admit I never knew quite how much. I know some people would say we are devoting a lot of our time to him and we could possibly back off. I actually think that was one of the reasons i didn’t want kids as I knew if i was going to be a mum I was going to do it fully. Whether it is potty training, or in buddy’s case puppy pad training or teaching him the basics of sit, come here and so on we are making sure he has them nailed asap. Within the first week he had nailed, come here, sit, lie down a few times and on day 8 leave it. That may seem a bit excessive and forceful but if he is going to be my dog then he is going to be the nuts. Unfortunately right now, I think the terrier side is bearing its little nippers and he is going nuts for about half an hr each day. Fortunately he then tires himself out and sleeps for a couple of ours while I get some editing of Self Made done.

Anyways right now he is lay next to me completely KO’d from a manic run round the garden and I am waiting for footage to transcode. I am fortunate that at this point in my career I am working with a lot of people who know me and have been fortunate to take BUddy with me, and on the days at which I am fortunate to work from home he keeps me company, forcing me to take a break from getting square eyes by needing some chew time!

Anyone thinking of getting a dog please do think carefully! If you are not going to be at home for the first six months of his life to train him well and keep him focused do NOT get one. It is unfair to the little pup. You wouldn’t leave a baby would you? I really do think they should be considered in the same league.

Anyone who does have a puppy and is coming across problems the best tecaher we have found is Zak George. Look up his YOUTUBE videos. He is amazing and it all works!

MY biggest advice and thankful knowledge is get him loads and loads of toys. If you think 2 is enough think again. The more they have the less furniture or toes he will distract himself with. We now have about 10 so where ever we are in the house when he is about to eat fingers or toes we replace them with one of his toys. And really a variety is a good idea. He will go from his Kong soft toy to his raw hide, to his rope, to his rubber kong.

Anyways here’s me sounding like an old hat when really I am still learning every second with BUddy. I am glad I waited until now because if you want to be a good owner then you will have to sacrifice alot. Not for always but probably for a few months to make sure they grow into the kind of dog people would want to look after for you, or that you can take places without him being an embarrassment.

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