The Good ole blonde days

I was wasting time whilst the wheel of death smacked me in the face and thought I would have a Google of a photographer friend of mine who moved back to Oz, Kris Growcott. We did a couple of amazing shoots together, embarrassingly I cant even remember which magazine this was for. My mother always said write it all down but did i listen? Of course not. So anyway, stumbled upon this and it made me smile!



I’m a Groupie!

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As per usual I have joined Sean Lerwill on one of his shoots for Men’s Health and Maximuscle. I have succumbed to the fact that I am a Sean Lerwill groupie. He is pretty awesome though so I’m not ashamed!

I started looking through his pics to¬† choose a couple for the post and realised i had been present at all of the gigs above. I am so proud of all that he has achieved. He works hard, the hardest worker I have ever met. He is kind, considerate, loyal, honest and incredibly fair. Definitely a worthy role model if ever one was choosing to follow around another. I have learnt the commando ethos from Sean behaviour as it is ever present. The only one I may help Sean with at time to time is The Cheerfulness in the Face of adversity, he can be a wingey bugger, when he hasn’t eaten.


To eat or not to eat!

I didn’t use to, as I thought that i would burn fat. Since really learning about the body and nutrition, I know that all I’m doing is degrading muscle by not fuelling my body before a workout. Knowing that muscle is what will actually carry on burning calories long after my workout, I think it’s vital to eat before a workout. Have a read of this article, see what you think. I guess, it is all a matter of what your goals are, and if you have a lot of mass to lose, maybe this is a good way to start. I personally think that stressing your body into thinking its in starvation mode, will only be a negative for your health and goals.

Dr Briffa

Anyways food for thought

Sean Lerwill’s Wednesday Workout!


I took part in today’s WEDNESDAY WORKOUT. Some plyometric combined with good old horrible press ups and some abs! 300 circuit complete I’m gonna go get me some serious sushi!!! My abs are angry, my chest is, well let’s just say I’m a little perkier and my legs are definitely saying hello! Give it a go!

Workout Wednesday

Maxitone Work out!


Really enjoyed my recent shoot for Maxitone with the lively Lardan! She worked my muscles, gently but brutally! I have been enjoying @SeanLerwill work outs, mainly high intensity circuits, but Lardan reminded me of the work outs I used to prefer when I was at Dance college. Slower paced, focused intensely on specific muscles, low weight and very high reps. It has encouraged me to mix my workouts up again a little.

We had a great team on the day, who managed to all stay chilled even though we were plagued by emergency works going on just outside the studios. (They were horrendously loud!)
Looking forward to the butt busting exercises to hit the public! So many toned butts will be hitting the high street in January I’m sure of it.
I’m so excited, I got to try the new Sculptress bars, a few too many I must admit! Sooooooooo delicious! Look out for them. If your in North London though, I may have bought out the store!





Fitness Cube!


Just saw this article on The Independent’s website and was pretty impressed! This sounds awesome! Anyone got one? Looking forward to trying it out in Decathlon!

I think it could be brill, I’m just worried that if I weaken to my temptations of all things new, it. Might just end up in the loft with that stupid rocking ab thing I bought years ago!

Hello Big Apple!


Unbelievably I went to New York for the first time in my life last month! I cant believe I hadn’t visited the awesome Big Apple and taken a bite till just now! Even though it was a pretty whizz bang wallop trip, two photoshoots for Sean Lerwill’s Running Manual managed to be squeezed in! Despite having done a 3 day shoot in London we also managed to work with two amazing up and coming Photographers, Jon Josephs ( and Kevin B Winebold( We snapped away all round the city, Central Park, Chelsea Harbour, Grand central, utilising every awesome backdrop we could find. I would like to say Thank you to Sean for keeping me Chipper and making the trip amazing, and to both of the Photographers who both went way above and beyond what we could have expected!

P.S-Thank you Maximuscle for keeping us fueled throughout. I must also say Thank you Starbucks God for putting a Starbucks on every corner I wouldn’t have lasted the days without them!

Here’s a sneak peek of some pics! Shhhhh dont tell Sean…

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The class to be at!

The New class to be at! Head down to Sukarno on Beak St, W1

She is awesome check it out!!!,



This class will offer the opportunity to flow through a series of Pilates inspired sequences, aiming to develop fluidity, build core strength and encourage freedom of movement. Nikki will lead you through an energetic and invigorating hour, waking up your spines and playing around with fun balances in motion whilst not forgetting Pilates favorites of strength and stretch.
A good understanding of the Pilates technique would be useful, however this class is open to all aspiring athletes, fitness fanatics, dance and holistically minded students as well as everyone else!

For more info about Nikki please refer to her website