The Good ole blonde days

I was wasting time whilst the wheel of death smacked me in the face and thought I would have a Google of a photographer friend of mine who moved back to Oz, Kris Growcott. We did a couple of amazing shoots together, embarrassingly I cant even remember which magazine this was for. My mother always said write it all down but did i listen? Of course not. So anyway, stumbled upon this and it made me smile!



I’m a Groupie!

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As per usual I have joined Sean Lerwill on one of his shoots for Men’s Health and Maximuscle. I have succumbed to the fact that I am a Sean Lerwill groupie. He is pretty awesome though so I’m not ashamed!

I started looking through his pics to¬† choose a couple for the post and realised i had been present at all of the gigs above. I am so proud of all that he has achieved. He works hard, the hardest worker I have ever met. He is kind, considerate, loyal, honest and incredibly fair. Definitely a worthy role model if ever one was choosing to follow around another. I have learnt the commando ethos from Sean behaviour as it is ever present. The only one I may help Sean with at time to time is The Cheerfulness in the Face of adversity, he can be a wingey bugger, when he hasn’t eaten.


Goodbye Mr Scott

Gutted about the loss of Ridley Scott. I had always wanted to be in one of his films and be directed by him. ( man on fire blew me away)
Always such a sadness that someone was at their lowest point that they feel there is no way out but to destroy their gift of life.
It shows we never really know what’s going on for someone else. They can seem to be the most successful, lucky, talented individual but more often than not they are struggling to keep their problems under wraps.
Be thankful for who you are and what you have, your actually probably a lot more awesome than you think you are!

Wrecked !!


No I’m not talking about my Saturday night. Well technically I am, and yes if I’m honest I was a title wrecked, couldn’t complete one of @SeanLerwill workouts! Gt about 15mins in and flaked! I personally think it wasn’t my weak woman brain but more the blessing of a busy few weeks workwise!
Anyways back to the matter of a great film being very poorly rated previously and my desire to counter act, some idiots opinion.
Wrecked directed by Micheal Greenspan, written by Christopher Dodd and starring the brilliant Adrien Brody, is definitely worth a watch. More so in fact, I would actually say must watch for actors and actress’s. With hardly any speech throughout, I was hooked from start to finish. I must admit being ever so squeamish I did have to look away at a couple of points but mainly through my fingers as I didn’t want to miss any detail that would start to make sense of the film. We are literally kept guessing throughout the whole of the film as to what really happened to leave Brody in his predicament. I really don’t want to divulge much more as I want everyone to make their own opinions. I personally was very pleased, with my choice of movie for Saturday night.
It was a new experience of movie watching. Slightly like buried but so much more, that’s the most I’m saying.
What did you think of it?