SNH Foto Shoot

Once you have found a photographer you click with you can have a lot of fun! Not long ago I did this shoot with Simon Howard of SNH Foto. A very skilled individual who made his name in the photography industry as a Physique photographer. Coming from a background in front of the camera Simon knows what helps a model, whether new or experienced feel good during a photo shoot so all come away feeling creatively buzzed with a heap of brag worthy images! If you are looking for a phothographer for yourself or for a professsional job I hugely recommend Si. He is not only skilled but a lovely chilled out guy who gets the job done!

snh -wm 2

The Good ole blonde days

I was wasting time whilst the wheel of death smacked me in the face and thought I would have a Google of a photographer friend of mine who moved back to Oz, Kris Growcott. We did a couple of amazing shoots together, embarrassingly I cant even remember which magazine this was for. My mother always said write it all down but did i listen? Of course not. So anyway, stumbled upon this and it made me smile!


Red or Dead?



Decisions, decisions! How ridiculous but true. The choice to lipstick or not lipstick can be the make or break for whether you are the right candidate for the job. A lot of ‘creatives’ believe it or not can’t see past the vision they have in their head. They can’t see that if your wearing red lip stick and they imagined their heroine in nude pink that you could simply take a single sheet of loo roll and wipe it off! Today I felt the need for some colouring in and despite the brief went “duck it, I’m going to face the world how I see fit today”!
Let’s see how it goes!

Hmmmm life

I don’t know how, but sometimes life does just take one big shift. Everything isn’t suddenly miraculously perfect but…something happens and suddenly the world is a much brighter place to love than yesterday. I am starting to come to the conclusion that making changes(and I’m not meaning crunchy instead of smooth PB) does increase the positive energy, the good luck, the…I don’t know…just good shiz to start flowing in your direction.I feel like it is the universe rewarding you for taking that step forward, for being brave to make a commitment, take on responsibility. That may sound childish and stupid but I have decided to no longer be afraid to take risks and not move forward. I am taking life by the…by something and riding it till the cows come home!buddydaywm


It’s either that or literally my dog is a good luck charm.

I’m a Groupie!

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As per usual I have joined Sean Lerwill on one of his shoots for Men’s Health and Maximuscle. I have succumbed to the fact that I am a Sean Lerwill groupie. He is pretty awesome though so I’m not ashamed!

I started looking through his pics to  choose a couple for the post and realised i had been present at all of the gigs above. I am so proud of all that he has achieved. He works hard, the hardest worker I have ever met. He is kind, considerate, loyal, honest and incredibly fair. Definitely a worthy role model if ever one was choosing to follow around another. I have learnt the commando ethos from Sean behaviour as it is ever present. The only one I may help Sean with at time to time is The Cheerfulness in the Face of adversity, he can be a wingey bugger, when he hasn’t eaten.


From the THAT GIRL and THAT GUY shoot

Day 1 and Day 2

I was working full out Day 3 so will try get some Behind The Scenes from everyone else! It was incredible! I literally was wiped out by the end of day3! I got home and words were a struggle and moving off the sofa up to bed was a mission!
I love working that hard!

Urm Mr Branson could i…?

What to say when you have nothing to say. Strike that, reverse. When you have everything to say. And for once…all pretty positive. As I think (and by ‘think’ i mean I am not in the frame of mind to go back and check myself or i will reck myself)I mentioned previously that Buddy, the wonder dog, often mistaken for a guinea pig, loved by all that meet him, small enough to have to have a hamster needle for his injections, the love of my life, job upstaging puppy is our good luck charm.  Is it because now, nothing offends or bothers me as his love and wagging tail keeps a smile on my face? Or is it that I/we just haven’t had shit delivered to our doorstep since his arrival. Luck, fate, coincidence (that joincidence with a J) who knows. Which ever it is I’m thankful for the fun, love and laughter that has been filling my head and ear space since his unexpected/unplanned entrance.

Buddy boy joined me on my job this weekend and ended up stealing the limelight! Not that it was unexpected, he does do so wherever he goes. I have had 5 strangers come up and randomly ask me if they could take his picture. Another tell me I should charge for the pictures, 25 people ask to stroke him and over 100 people pull an arrhh face when they walk past. I am not going to lie, apart from the delay to my timetable, i love it. I love the fact I picked an awesome dog. The biggest bonus is the fact that I have dog sitters in place for the next 10 years! The sad fact is that I think I will have more of a problem leaving Buddy than I thought. I never thought I would turn down the carribean but its looking like a possibility. That is unless Richard Branson will let me take the Budster on board.

Ah anyways, get a Dog. It makes life awesome. Remember a puppy is hard work but if you put the time in it is sooooooooo worth it!


Hark at me! what a Poser!

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I love receiving the images from shoots I have done. Half of the time I never get to see them and I must admit as one is always on the look out for the next opportunity, or dedicating full attention to the current project, it usually falls by the wayside. So complete joy to get this and others sent through from a lovely shoot last year!