I was fortunate to get to shoot at hedsor manor recently. The place is incredible! If you are ever heading to Beaconsfield then definitely see if you can get in to have a nosey. You might just have to have your wedding there to get in!

Models – Kate Braithwaite and Sean Lerwill




The Good ole blonde days

I was wasting time whilst the wheel of death smacked me in the face and thought I would have a Google of a photographer friend of mine who moved back to Oz, Kris Growcott. We did a couple of amazing shoots together, embarrassingly I cant even remember which magazine this was for. My mother always said write it all down but did i listen? Of course not. So anyway, stumbled upon this and it made me smile!


Hark at me! what a Poser!

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I love receiving the images from shoots I have done. Half of the time I never get to see them and I must admit as one is always on the look out for the next opportunity, or dedicating full attention to the current project, it usually falls by the wayside. So complete joy to get this and others sent through from a lovely shoot last year!