Maxitone Work out!


Really enjoyed my recent shoot for Maxitone with the lively Lardan! She worked my muscles, gently but brutally! I have been enjoying @SeanLerwill work outs, mainly high intensity circuits, but Lardan reminded me of the work outs I used to prefer when I was at Dance college. Slower paced, focused intensely on specific muscles, low weight and very high reps. It has encouraged me to mix my workouts up again a little.

We had a great team on the day, who managed to all stay chilled even though we were plagued by emergency works going on just outside the studios. (They were horrendously loud!)
Looking forward to the butt busting exercises to hit the public! So many toned butts will be hitting the high street in January I’m sure of it.
I’m so excited, I got to try the new Sculptress bars, a few too many I must admit! Sooooooooo delicious! Look out for them. If your in North London though, I may have bought out the store!