Back to School- my dirty little habit

5330594996_fd29f8efa6_zI seriously advise taking up a new skill. I have just been home teaching, self teaching, you tube learning whatever you want to call it, that. I have been doing that over the last few months. Editing programs have been my dirty little habit. It is so satisfying learning a new skill and now being able to do something you would have paid someone else to do. The self satisfaction of the long standing DIY.

Especially in a career like mine where, there can be times at which you have no validation or understanding if you are really progressing. Or feel completely, that your life is, at the mercy of higher powers, it is rare that you actually relish in that sense of accomplishment or feel like you have achieved something. I spent so long letting others have control of my career and options and you know what the only time I felt as if I was successful was when they offered me the bread crumb. I felt like a monkey at the bottom of the tree, looking up at assholes just waiting for scraps. Not averting my eyes incase I missed an opportunity. Every so often one of the cool kids monkeys would reach down to offer me a momentary seat on one of the upper branches, only to be pushed back off when another cool monkey came along.

No more. not only is doing it for yourself self satisfying, it is empowering to finally make your accomplishments and achievements your own, Really enabling one to know what you are congratulating yourself for. Whether its designing my new logo, making a watermark (if you look through my blog pics you will see mine taking its shape, not always great but has been fun to make) for my pictures, editing footage, or even learning to make an elastic band ball, learn something new! I promise it will give you a sense of achievement that I feel we tend to lose after school.

You may think its rubbish but it’s helped me.


IMATS 2014

blackbeautyAn incredible experience IMATS 2014. Getting the chance to watch some incredible artists at work in front of a permanent crowd. I wonder if Picasso, VanGogh or Matisse would have created their masterpieces under the time and audience pressure these guys did. Unfortunately I didn’t get the names of the models or the make up artists so if any of you by any chance come across this page please msg me with your details so I can credit you on this incredible work! Thank you for being so inventive and giving my eyes a feast!

More pictures to follow each day!