Whilst sorting through hard drives I came across some old bits and pieces I hadn’t looked at in a while. Its silly because at the time i didnt like them enough to even put in my book and now I think Ok I wasn’t amazing and as skinny as I had wanted to be, or have as thick hair etc etc ridiculous wish etc but I had trained myself to be able to model and I was fortunate to model for Superdry, London Beauty, Beja, (all previously listed are below)Adidas, Luella, and many more. I think it is important and helpful to further progression to look back and appreciate your achievements and your disappointments as its all learning! Look back to move forward!

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Hark at me! what a Poser!

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I love receiving the images from shoots I have done. Half of the time I never get to see them and I must admit as one is always on the look out for the next opportunity, or dedicating full attention to the current project, it usually falls by the wayside. So complete joy to get this and others sent through from a lovely shoot last year!